Syvecs Wireless Connection ModuleThe new Syvecs Wifi module is designed to work with our unique Ethernet protocol and allows calibrators/end users the luxury of being able to connect to our ECUs, expanders and dashes without the need of a physical connection.

This can be a godsend when dealing with cars in a race enviroment where access is needed quickly, most of our mappers are able to connect whilst sitting 10 to 15 ft away from the car. This allowes any other work to be carried out without getting in the way.

Each device has a unique SSID and Password allowing calibrators to connect to a number of cars without issues.

It is the perfect tool for calibrators who work with drag cars and are able to monitor the track from competitors and adjust launch parameters seconds before to suit.

Circuit pit stop checks and adjustments now become a breeze and allows the calibrator to stand away from the car meaning less time trying to work around the pit crew.

Connection to multiple ECUs is now available with just a few clicks of a button.

Range of approx. 50 metres

Dimensions H-650mm , W-650mm , D-200mm

Comes with hard wire PSU and ethernet cable.