State of the Art Dyno


Our Mainline ProHub 3000 2WD Chassis Dynamometer is the ultimate “in chassis” tuning solution for ultra-performance street, strip and race car vehicle applications. Designed for extreme performance cars , the ProHub chassis dynamometers bridge the gap between an engine dynamometer and a roller based chassis dynamometer.

For racers, the real benefit of the Prohub Dyno is it allows a tuner to confidently creep up on ignition timing. It’s something that’s very difficult to do with real accuracy at the track because the load on the engine changes all the time as the car moves in and out of traction and the suspension loads and unloads.

The ProHub dynamometers connect to the vehicle’s axle shaft hubs, via high torque capacity, “Power Absorption Modules” (PAMs), removing wheel and tire related variables from the testing and tuning equation, for absolute accuracy, and the ultimate in test data repeatability.

Our ProHub 3000 2WD Dynos are available for rental at Horsepower Lounge in Terrell, TX. Click the link to book a session!

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SYVECS CARTEL is a small network of Engine Mapping, powertrain mapping and track support specialists. Buying a SYVECS CARTEL subscription entitles you 24hr telephone or Online support for your project, or projects that you are working with. Syvecs Products must be purchased through the Dealer you are supporting.  Trackside or workshop support is additional and billed on a daily basis. Having a subscription entitles you to have the peace of mind that any unseen circumstances that may appear in your project in the near future or distant future, a team of engineers will be on call from anywhere in the world to help solve your problem.  Contact us for details regarding a subscription to support your clients’ needs.