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ISC Tuning specializes in ECU calibration, engine management systems, turbocharger, fuel systems, and custom wiring harnesses.  With over 25 years of experience and a vast network of experts, ISC is dedicated to providing the best technical support and service to help racing enthusiast maximize performance.

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Syvecs ECU S12
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Syvecs & MoTeC

Syvecs and ISC Tuning have teamed up to provide plug-and-play solutions for high-end engine control.

Also, ISC Tuning is a MoTeC authorized dealer with extensive experience in supporting custom race applications.

ISC Tuning Wayne Potts

Wayne Potts

“I had the privilege of driving the first 4th Generation Toyota Supra off the hauler that came to Austin, TX. It was at that time I knew I was hooked on speed and going fast.”

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