ISC Tuning Tech Support Program

Project Management and Consultation

 Sample Fee Schedule

  • Billed in $800 segments
  • This fee is for managing beginning to end of project builds. This will encompass using our network of associates, product and build knowledge, our vast experience in years of building and racing projects. Actual diagnosis, set up and calibration support is not included in this fee.

Calibration Support

 Calibration support for PNP engine management kits for Syvecs and Motec.  All other options maybe available upon request.  More than likely we will have a solution.

  • Lamborghini:  $4000
  • McLaren:  $4000
  • Porsche with DCT:  $3000
  • Mercedes: $3000
  • Nissan GTR:  $2800
  • Porsche 996/997:  $3000
  • RS3: $2800
  • All other PNP kits: à $2500

What’s Included:

Calibration Support includes taking a project that is ready to fire off, start or otherwise, and have the calibration fine tuned and set up with all fuels, and boost levels.  Calibration support will proceed as follows:

  • A pre-dyno appointment set up/start up
  • A pre-dyno appointment road test, followed by a dyno appointment
  • Post dyno appointment support including email logs, and or direct log in support to dial in the limits of traction and boost

Due to the power levels of the projects we deal with, this may include 1 track day instead of post dyno road logs.

This support is valid for 30 days; unless testing dates are planned in advance and agreed upon; NO EXCEPTIONS.  See below for next level of calibration support once CURRENT clients reach the 30-day limits.

Additional Services

(For Current Clients Only)

Pre-Race Support/Preparation:

Sometimes leading up to a race, there will be new components, dialing in or fine tuning of calibrations for that particular event.  This will include review of logs and updating the calibration via email logs.  This does not include actual support on race day.

  • $800 for 1 week of pre-race support REMOTE ONLY
  • On site support is billed at the minimum daily rate per car. (see below)

Race Weekend Support:

Race weekend or daily on-site support is available!  This is a per-day fee of $500 per day minimum, PER CAR, plus travel and expenses. Single car support on site will be a minimum of $1500 per day.

On-Demand Support:

At times projects do not go as planned.  While we work with builders and clients on the journey to completing a project in a timely manner, we understand that parts break, components and functions need to be re-engineered and re-designed, or just completely replaced.

While it is a part of the game, once the calibration support process is started, we intend to adhere to the 30-day support policy, NO EXCEPTIONS!

As such, we do offer discounted fees to begin re-testing and completing the projects.

  • $800 for one week post repair or upgrade checks
  • On-site support is billed at the minimum daily rate per car. (see above)

Hourly Consultation Fees:

There are times when a full build support and tuning will not be needed. At this point services will be $150/hr with a 2 hour minimum regardless of time taken. This is for clients or new customers who need a simple fine tuning or adjustment to project not outlined above.

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SYVECS CARTEL is a small network of Engine Mapping, powertrain mapping and track support specialists. Buying a SYVECS CARTEL subscription entitles you 24hr telephone or Online support for your project, or projects that you are working with. Syvecs Products must be purchased through the Dealer you are supporting.  Trackside or workshop support is additional and billed on a daily basis. Having a subscription entitles you to have the peace of mind that any unseen circumstances that may appear in your project in the near future or distant future, a team of engineers will be on call from anywhere in the world to help solve your problem.  Contact us for details regarding a subscription to support your clients’ needs.