Mainline Dyno Features & Specifications



Welcome to the world of the new-generation, truly professional chassis dyno. A Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer is the perfect choice for the astute, professional operator who wants the most technically advanced, and innovative featured chassis dynamometer available, to ensure their business and technical expertise progresses to a new level.

A Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer represents a distinct step forward in dynamometer technology. While other manufacturers continued to produce equipment that simply measured torque/power, speed, Air: Fuel Ratio and little else for the last ten years or more, Mainline DynoLog have pioneered a new direction and has led the way in adapting the chassis dyno from a simple measuring device to being a highly sophisticated diagnostic instrument.

All dynamometers are not comparable and there are huge differences in their design, functionality, and capabilities. Avoid making the mistake of using price as the only factor in considering a chassis dyno. Take the time to look closely and appreciate what each brand of dyno is capable of doing for you and your business.

If you are used to using a competitor’s dyno, be prepared for a host of extra pleasant surprises. Mainline DynoLog are the innovators of the dyno industry, and are at the forefront of dynamometer technology, featuring state-of-the-art All Wheel Drive hardware and multitasking Windows 7 software, and offering the ultimate in flexibility with a 2WD version that is engineered for easy conversion to AWD/4WD.

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer has innovative vehicle testing concepts, advanced on-screen graphics and performance-plus characteristics. From its comprehensive, user-friendly Windows 7â software platform, heavy-duty roller construction and total in-car operation, the Mainline DynoLog system will maximise your workshop’s professional image, your profit potential, and your dyno satisfaction.

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers are fully designed and manufactured in Australia at their head office facilities in Sydney and subsidiary premises located in Melbourne.


• Proudly Australian Owned and Manufactured in Australia.
• Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
• Professional Dynamometer program software suite.
• Heavy Duty Reinforced Construction – No Chassis Flexing – High Axle Loadings.
• Optional Medium or Large Roller Diameter.
• Optimum knurled drive rollers, for maximum traction and extended roller service life.
• Quality Frenelsa Retarders used – recognized as the world’s best.
• Software controlled wheel base adjustment (AWD Models) from 2300mm to 3250mm.
• Speed ceiling of 250kph on standard models.
• Durable Powder Coating and/or high anti-corrosive finish to all dyno beds, rollers & cover plate assemblies.
• Choice of Above Ground Operation or Ground Pit Installation.
• S Beam Load Cell; Repeatable Force & Torque Measurement; Bi-directional operation.
• Deluxe Professional Workshop Cabinet with Wheels, Twin Boom Arms and Nudge Bars
• Highly Accurate Digital Speed Measurement
• Dedicated Speedometer & Odometer Tests
• Precise load control for general diagnostic road load simulation, ECU mapping, performance enhancement, research and development or technical training applications.
• Dynamic Power & Torque Graphing over vehicle Speed or Engine RPM.
• High Accurate and reliable Digital Engine RPM Measurement Module.
• Safety Control Dynamometer Software – Safe and Smooth Load Application.
• In-Car Wireless Controller – All functions are fully operational from within the vehicle.
• Automatic or Manually controlled Cooling Fan for Load Cell, Retarder and Vehicle Fan
• Data Logging Functions for recording test data to customer database
• Capacity for 1000+ data channels for advanced dynamometer testing, such as multiple Air/Fuel Ratio sensors, Multiple Temperature & Pressure Sensors, Data Takers, OBD-II, ECU Data Logging, or Emission testing and analysis.
• Support for more than 250 third party devices and products.

Our ProHub 3000 2WD Dynos are available for rental at HorsePower Lounge in Terrell, TX. Click the link to book a session!