ISC Tuning

We provide beginning to end support to clients ranging from weekend enthusiasts to professional competitors. With over 25 years’ of experience in motorsport electronics, installation, and calibration, ISC Tuning is your source for high performance support. Our clients receive one-on-one project management support and customized development based on their needs.



From hot rodding when I was growing up, to becoming a Certified Tech for Toyota, and learning the ins and outs of fuel injection on factory cars, the progression has never stopped. Subsequently, it has lead to supporting grass roots racers to building a Supra for the One Lap of America, Pikes Peak Hill Climbs, to the Bonneville Salt Flats and rally & drag racing. It has been a honor working with each and every individual involved along the way.

My unique experience of living and working in Dubai allowed me to develop a broad view of the motorsport world. Among my responsibilities were custom builds, including an original Nissan Patrol-R featured on Top Gear and the Royal family’s collection of Nissans. Furthermore, I was heavily involved in the establishment of the shop for F Performance’s long-term success. To this day, they serve clients throughout the Middle East with their racing ventures. This opportunity gave me the skills to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and successfully manage projects in a multicultural environment.

International Speed Consulting was undoubtedly launched thanks to these opportunities. ISC Tuning offers calibration support to several clients who are achieving top honors throughout the Caribbean , the United States, Canada, and the Middle East region including Ekanoo Racing who held the Nissan GTR World Record.

It’s been a wild ride! I look forward to applying my knowledge and skills to new projects, discovering more of what the world of motorsport has to offer and testing how far we can push the limits.