Often quoted as the “Ultimate Knock Detection Device” the Plex Knock Monitor V2 has been established as the preferred choice of professional tuners and engine builders alike.


With best-in-class audio quality, an embedded 2.3” trasflective LCD display and advanced audio filtering, it delivers reliable audio and visual knock detection even for the most challenging of projects as it effectively detects knock per cylinder and throughout the RPM range.


Real-time Knock Graph: With a 2.3” LCD display, besides listening to knock, you can also view the spikes in real time on the device along the RPM curve
Per-Cylinder Detection: An ignition trigger input allows you to detect knock per cylinder (up to 8) without the need for additional knock sensors, thus maximising performance of each cylinder individually
Optional CAN BUS port: With the optional CAN BUS port you can send knock level, knock count, knock threshold and per-cylinder knock to your dyno, ECU or other external logger
Advanced Audio Filtering: Steep 30 dB band and high pass filters that isolate knock from background noise can be selected for different type of engines
Built-in Freq. vs Bore Size Calculator: The handy on-screen engine bore size reference lets the user select the knock frequency effortlessly by simply choosing your cylinder size from an array of options
Super Bright LED Warning Function: Configurable 2-level knock intensity alarm will get your attention in the dyno room even without having the headset on
Dedicated Audio DSP: On dual bank engines the audio DSP allows for dedicating one audio output channel per bank or mixing depending on user preferences
Knock Threshold vs RPM Function: Accurately detect knock throughout the engine RPM range. View real time knock graph on screen and calibrate the threshold easily via the 4 dedicated keys.
Powerful PC Analysis SW: Capture 3-dimensional knock information and log knock count with knock level per cylinder versus RPM and load or perform real-time knock detection